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Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive

If you're like most people, you went through many years struggling not to conceive. You may have been working hard on establishing a career, traveling or just enjoying your freedom and a baby was the last thing you needed or even wanted. How completely this can change when you decide you are ready for parenthood! It may strike you as ironic that you tried not to become pregnant for so long if you and your partner are now trying to conceive. You are not, by any means, alone in this struggle. Fertility issues are more common than you might think with approximately one in four couples experiencing some form of fertility problem in their lifetime together. It may be reassuring to know that there is no need to give up on your goal of starting a family, as there are so many options available to you.

If you are under thirty-five, there is no need to seek professional help until you and your partner have been trying for over a year. It's surprising for many couples to learn how long it can take to successfully conceive even for two perfectly healthy people. Getting pregnant on your first try is somewhat of a myth and those that do are the exception to the rule. It's worthwhile to invest in a fertility planner in order to give you some control over the situation. Understanding your cycles and the activities or lifestyle changes that can enhance your fertility will help to take some of the mystery out of conception. The same goes for sex and baby making. You may think you know all there is about the mechanics of sex, but educating yourself on all the details will help you to feel in control of what may seem like a random miracle.

Trying to conceive can be stressful for both partners. There are many issues that can arise as both of you face the possibility of complications originating from your own health. As it is with all aspects of parenthood, it's best not to paint devils on the wall. Don't waste your energy being stressed about something that can take quite a while to occur. Instead, enjoy the process of baby making and how it brings the two of you closer together. Before you know it, you may find yourself experiencing pregnancy symptoms and you'll be looking back on this intimacy and time together as an extravagance!!


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