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What Are The Signs Of Ovulation?

What Are The Signs Of Ovulation?

Determining when your body is ovulating, and having sex during that time is often the quickest way to become pregnant. Learn how you can find out when your body is ovulating, and you will increase your chances of conceiving.

First, count when you are due for your next period. Go back 12 to 16 days, and that is probably when you will begin ovulating. While it can be useful to count when your cycle is most likely taking place, it is not always accurate. It is better to watch your body's signs, and learn the rhythm of your cycle.

Taking your basal body temperature can be very helpful when it comes to ovulation. You need to take your temperature each day at the same time, and when it rises suddenly you have ovulated. Although you won't be able to get pregnant that month, it can be a valuable tool for predicting future ovulation. It is best to track your temperature for a few months, so that you can detect patterns and map out when you should be timing intercourse.

You will also notice that your cervical mucus changes consistency when you are most fertile. It will change in volume, and be stretchier - looking similar to egg whites - when you are ovulating. This mucus coats your fallopian tubes and makes it easier for the sperm to reach the egg. Once you've practiced monitoring your cervical mucus for a few months, you will be able to quickly spot the change in volume and consistency.

Some women claim that they can tell when they are ovulating, because they begin to suffer from mild to moderate abdominal cramps. These are different from menstrual cramps, and can be a good way to pinpoint ovulation. You may also notice you are more moody right around ovulation, or have much more energy than usual. There are women who can predict their ovulation based on this sharp burst of energy.

If you insert a finger into your vagina, you might feel that your cervix is higher. During ovulation, you won't be able to reach it, and it will feel more open. It will also feel softer to the touch. Your vagina and labia can become more sensitive and may look fuller.

You can get an ovulation kit at your local drugstore and easily time your cycle to predict when you are at your most fertile. Although it may take a little time to get the hang of tracking your ovulation, it can be the best way to know when you are at your most fertile.


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