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Week 36

Week 36

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Baby is now at around six pounds in weight, and is almost 19 inches long. If you're having multiples, each baby is probably around five pounds now, although this varies. The baby's brain is still rapidly developing, and the arms and legs are becoming plumper to prepare for the colder conditions outside of the womb. You may notice the baby drops at this point, and you'll feel the shift in pressure lower in your abdomen. This is the birth position, and it means your due date is getting close. Your uterus is just under your ribs, and your doctor will check for cervix dilation at each visit.

Right now, you may still be seeing your doctor every two weeks, but starting in week 37 you'll be visiting the physician once every seven days. Some physicians will have put you on once weekly visits already, depending on your pregnancy. You might have gone on a hospital tour as well, to view the maternity ward and get a better idea of what to expect. Hopefully, you and your partner are taking a prenatal class or starting a labor class soon, but you should already have a detailed birth plan that your caregiver is aware of in case you go into premature labor.

Some women find they are extremely tired one minute and full of energy the next. This is normal, so take the time you need to rest and enjoy your active time. You might find you are nesting - cleaning and setting up the home for when your baby comes home from the hospital. You'll be feeling the discomfort of the baby weight in the form of heartburn, achy limbs and back, and constipation and hemorrhoids. It can be difficult for pregnant women to sleep at this late stage of pregnancy, and your partner might also feel the effects of your nightly tossing and turning. But the end is near!

Even if you have lost your appetite, remember that you still need around 2500 calories per day. If you don't feel hungry, have a piece of fruit or glass of low fat milk instead. Your prenatal vitamin will also help provide you and your baby with the necessary nutrients.

In fact, you could go into labor at any time now. Watch closely for labor warning signs, and call your caregiver immediately if you notice any of these symptoms: bloody discharge (this is the mucous plug), your water breaking, or diarrhea.


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