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Week 32

Week 32

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Starting in your third trimester, you'll be seeing your physician once every other week instead of once every month. During every exam, your doctor will do a pelvic exam, and start to check how much your cervix is dilating.

Your baby is up to about 4 pounds now, and is 17 inches long. While he or she still has room to move around a bit, the womb is becoming cramped for your little one. Right now, your baby can open his or her eyes, breathe with the lungs and coordinate thumb sucking. Fingernails and toenails are present and growing some babies even need their nails clipped soon after birth!

Besides the third trimester symptoms of heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids, you might notice that your breasts are beginning to produce a yellowish fluid. This is called colostrums and is released before milk production starts. The baby is really pressing on your organs, causing indigestion and breathlessness, so you'll probably need to take it easy a lot more than you were a few weeks ago. Drinking plenty of water can help flush your body, and ease constipation and indigestion.

At week 32, some women will be carrying their baby differently than others. For some pregnant women, their baby might be higher or lower. For some women, the abdomen simply protrudes with very little weight gain elsewhere on the body, but for others the pregnancy weight gain is more significant. You'll have to accommodate your larger body by sleeping on your left side this promotes circulation and putting your feet up when you sit to avoid ankle swelling.

You may have a huge appetite, and continue to feel cravings for specific foods throughout the day and night. Other women at this stage or pregnancy, however, find that they lose their appetite, especially if everything they eat causes heartburn and indigestion. Try to eat smaller meals during the day and drink fruit or vegetable juice if you can't stomach food.

Your hips are rapidly spreading to prepare yourself for labor. The Braxton Hicks contractions you've probably felt up until now get stronger. These are false contractions that are your body's way of preparing itself for delivery, and they are usually painless. Now is a good time to practice your breathing techniques for labor, and focus on relaxation exercises you can use when it's time for your baby to be born.


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