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Week 29

Week 29

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For many women, the third trimester is the hardest when pregnancy discomfort is at its worst, when you feel as if you're been pregnant for years but hang in there, you're almost done! You've gained about 19 to 25 pounds, and your uterus is almost four inches above your navel. The baby is over15 inches from crown to foot, and is nearing three pounds in weight.

Did you know that almost every baby is born with blue eyes? At this stage of pregnancy, your baby's eyes are probably blue, and can detect bright light coming through your abdomen.

While you'll still feel a great deal of movement in the womb, your baby is no longer able to perform the acrobatics he or she did in earlier pregnancy. As space runs out in the womb, your baby can no longer stretch or move as easily as before.

Your baby has grown a lot in the past few weeks, and the head is now proportionate to the rest of the body. The brain can control breathing, which means that if your baby is born prematurely, he or she has an excellent chance of surviving and spending much less time in the hospital. The baby's body can also regulate temperature, and he or she can differentiate between smells and tastes. The eyes can move around in the sockets, and the baby is becoming much more coordinated.

Symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, constipation and hemorrhoids continue for many women, as well as aching muscles from baby weight and shortness of breath. You are probably feeling very fatigued, and will need to rest more than you did in your first and second trimester. When you sit down, put your feet up to avoid ankle swelling. It's normal for your blood pressure to increase in your seventh month, but see your doctor if you experience blurred vision or feel faint.

Try to focus on choosing a name, preparing yourself for labor, and reading pregnancy and parenting books rather than on the negative aspects of your pregnancy. Now is the time to think seriously about your birth plan: what do you want the experience to be like? Do you want to have the option for medication, or do you prefer to have an un-medicated delivery? Think carefully about the type of delivery you want, but remember that things don't always go as planned.


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