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First Trimester Doctor Visits

First Trimester Doctor Visits

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Once you've confirmed your pregnancy, it's time to start watching your prenatal health. Proper health care during the first trimester is of the utmost importance, as you'll get the medical attention you and your baby need, as well as valuable parenting and childbirth support.

For your first visit, your doctor will do a pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. During the first or second visit he or she will also sit down with you for a longer session to determine your medical history, as well as those of your family members. Questions about childhood diseases, medications, and past pregnancies will all be discussed. Any conditions that could cause complications will be covered in this visit.

Based on your last menstrual cycle, the doctor will determine your due date. He or she will also outline what's normal for weight gain and pregnancy symptoms including when to call your doctor for immediate medical care.

The doctor will do a physical exam, and weight and blood pressure will be checked. A pelvic exam, including a Pap smear to test for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases will be performed. An internal exam will reveal any abnormalities of the ovaries or uterus, and determine the size of your pelvis and uterus.

Early in your pregnancy, your doctor will do blood tests to rule out any medical problems or positive diseases, and he or she will probably recommend an HIV test. A urinalysis will test your urine for bladder infections or any sort of kidney disease. If your medical history warrants it, or you are over the age of 35, your doctor will probably recommend prenatal genetic testing to check for abnormalities such as Downs Syndrome or Huntington's disease.

The twelfth-week visit is one of the most exciting, as your doctor will place a Doptone (amplifying medical device) on your stomach, and you'll soon hear your baby's tiny heart pumping away! You'll visit your doctor once a month for the first 28 weeks, and then more frequently as your pregnancy progresses.

The first visits to the physician can be a great relief, as they can help alleviate fears that the new mother might be feeling about the upcoming pregnancy. Questions or concerns about diet, pregnancy symptoms and sexuality can be discussed openly with the doctor.

Don't be concerned with the numerous tests and procedures that your doctor performs - it's a normal part of every pregnancy and will ensure optimal health for you and your baby!


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