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The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

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Baby is still continuing to rapidly grow during the sixth month, and the brain is starting to develop. At the end of this month, your baby will be up to 14 inches long, and will be nearing 1 pounds in weight. The baby's skin is almost translucent, and blood vessels are visible underneath. Downy hair covers the body, along with a creamy, white substance called vernix. Both of these protect the baby's skin from amniotic fluid.

The fingernails and hair continue to grow on the baby's body, and bones are becoming harder. Despite these developments, the lungs are not fully functional yet, and if your baby was born now he or she would need a lot of intensive care to survive.

You'll have your monthly caregiver appointment to monitor your uterus size, check fetal heartbeat, and discuss your pregnancy symptoms. You'll definitely be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at this point, and you'll feel the baby kicking by putting a hand on your abdomen. Your partner can feel the baby moving by putting an ear up to your abdomen. The baby is really active from this point on, and still has lots of room to move around, so you'll feel flips, turns and kicks regularly. In an ultrasound, you could determine the baby's sex if you wanted.

For some women, morning sickness and nausea are a thing of the past, but symptoms like flatulence, heartburn and indigestion increase in later pregnancy. Your abdomen may start to itch from the skin being stretched, and you may start to notice stretch marks on your breasts and stomach. The baby is not yet pressing against your organs, so you probably won't be experiencing urinary incontinence at this point. If sleeping is becoming uncomfortable, place a pillow between your legs and lie down on your side. You might be extremely hungry throughout the day, as your appetite usually increases past the first few months of pregnancy. Make sure you're getting your extra 300 calories a day largely from healthy foods rather than chocolate cake!

For the most part, the moodiness you felt in earlier pregnancy is probably gone. However, you might be feeling bored, anxious, and absentminded in your sixth month of pregnancy. Try to rest as much as possible, and keep active with gentle exercise. If you do regular Kegels exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscle you reduce your risk of tearing during delivery, and may experience less urinary incontinence during pregnancy.


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