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The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

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Your baby has an improved chance of survival in the seventh month, compared to earlier stages of pregnancy. While he or she would still need an incubator and specialized care, the major organs and systems are developed enough that your baby would likely survive a premature birth. Your baby is now almost 2.5 pounds, and is around 15 inches long.

The baby's reflexes are getting better, and he or she can move fingers and hands at will and suck the thumb. The downy hair lanugo is starting to disappear from the body, as well as the protective vernix, as baby prepares for the outside world. In the seventh month, your baby can recognize your voice, and will respond to different sounds or music with kicks and movement.

Pregnancy symptoms related to added baby weight and pressure on your uterus start to increase in the seventh month. Your ankles and hands are probably swelling, and a lot of married women need to remove their wedding rings by this point. You can alleviate swelling by putting your feet up when you sit down, and drinking plenty of water. Varicose veins can also appear or worsen, but pregnancy support hose can reduce leg swelling and varicose veins if worn regularly.

At your monthly prenatal checkup, your doctor will check your weight, as well as the position of the fetus. You'll hear the fetal heartbeat, and will have a chance to ask your caregiver about any concerns you have in your seventh month of pregnancy. Your physician or midwife will also ask you to begin finalizing your birth plan, just in case you go into early labor.

You'll need to start monitoring your vaginal discharge, which will get heavier as your pregnancy progresses. If it changes significantly in color or odor, this could signal an infection. Your doctor will also explain Braxton-Hicks contractions to you false contractions that can start in later pregnancy.

As your belly gets bigger, you're likely feeling more clumsy, and having difficulty sleeping. Heartburn and indigestion might be keeping you up at night, so avoid eating heavy or spicy meals during the day. Around seven or eight weeks of pregnancy, a lot of women begin having cravings for certain foods, so if your partner is expecting be ready to hop into the car and hit the drive through in the middle of the night!



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