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Pregnancy month by month

Pregnancy month by month

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Every month that goes by your baby develops more and more inside of you. The tiny miracles taking place in your womb are countless as the skeleton, muscles and nerves of your little one are spun into place. You may not particularly enjoy being pregnant or you may adore every minute of the process but in both cases, education is necessary. Reading these articles detailing your pregnancy and its monthly changes will help you to gain a greater understanding of what is happening to your baby. Not only will this help ease any confusion you may have, but it will also help you to respect the tremendous work your body is going through. This may make long nights awake with aching legs or headaches a little easier to take!!

The First Month of Pregnancy
During the first month of pregnancy, many women don’t even know that they have ...

The Second Month of Pregnancy
While it may not feel like there’s a lot happening at this point of your pregnancy, the ...

The Third Month of Pregnancy
Your baby is rapidly developing during the third month. By the end of week 12, the ...

The Fourth Month of Pregnancy
Your fetus is definitely looking more and more like a human being in the fourth month ...

The Fifth Month of Pregnancy
You’re half way there! Your baby is still growing at a rapid rate, as the organs are ...

The Sixth Month of Pregnancy
Baby is still continuing to rapidly grow during the sixth month, and the brain is starting to ...

The Seventh Month of Pregnancy
Your baby has an improved chance of survival in the seventh month, compared to ...

The Eighth Month of Pregnancy
By the eighth month, your baby's brain is becoming very developed. The various regions ...

The Ninth Month of Pregnancy
This month, your baby is getting plumper to prepare for life outside the womb.  Antibodies are ...


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