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Real Celebrity Names

Today, it is no secret that most celebrities are not known by the names they were blessed with at birth. Although it may seem that celebrities have been changing their names since time began, there was a period when this event caused quite a stir. Take for example mega star of the silver screen Jean Harlow, the “original blonde bombshell” of the 20’s and 30’s. When it was discovered that Jean Harlow – born Harlean Carpenter - was not her real name, an enamored public was clamoring to know her birth name!

In the 21st Century, no one would lift an eyebrow (or particularly care) that a celebrity has changed their name, it is almost a given! It appears that anyone in the public eye, be it rock stars, professional athletes, movie stars, rappers and even child stars modify or change their names completely to add to their public appeal. Can you imagine the “Duke” John Wayne with his take no prisoners persona being known as Marion Morrison? How about Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate sex kitten, being known by her birth name Norma Jean Baker? Marilyn Monroe oozes sex appeal whereas Norma Jean Baker is resplendent in all its plain “girl next door” glory.

Sometimes an up and coming star does not need to change their name at all. Britney Spears was born, well, Britney Spears and it has worked fabulous for her. Pop star Mariah Carey’s (whose incredible vocals has landed her more #1 hits than any female artist by the way) birth name is….drum roll please….Mariah Carey. Some stars have dropped their surnames altogether and are best known by their first names only such as Madonna, Cher and Prince. Very Diva don’t you think?

Rappers – if they are to be taken seriously – need to have “street cred” right? How ‘gangsta’ is Snoop Doggy Dogg’s birth name Calvin Broadus? I’m almost certain that the name Snoop Doggy Dogg helped to promote his singles/CDs and movie appearances more than the name Calvin ever could have. Here are a few more birth names of some well known rappers:

50 Cent – Curtis Jackson

Xzibit – Alvin Joyner

Eminem – Marshall Mathers

It is apparent that many desiring to be celebrities consult with their agents to formulate the ideal name to assist in their hopeful rise to stardom. When it concerns actors and actresses, it may also be a SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) issue as two actors/actresses cannot have the same name.

Regardless of why those who desire to be in high profile professions change their names, it is a phenomena that will probably not change anytime in the near future if ever. It might interest you to know the names of celebrities before they were celebrities. If you are a fan, just curious, or desire to name your baby after a celebrity, we have compiled an expansive list of real celebrity names for your perusal. Sit back, put your feet up and take a look!

Side Note: Before naming your child after a celebrity you may want to look seriously at the stars public persona first. Is the celebrity known as a “bad boy”, Diva or one with psychiatric or drug problems? These are important questions to ask yourself as your pride and joy may be identified with this star throughout their lifetime. This is especially important if you decide to name your baby after a celebrity whose name is different or unique such as Cher, Madonna, River (Phoenix), Demi (Moore) or Tiger (Woods). It may not be as much of an issue for more common names such as Britney (Spears), Ashley (Judd) or David (Bowie) for example.

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