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Genetic counseling

When you compare the advantages medical science has given expectant mothers today with what their grandmothers or even mothers had, it can be quite shocking. We can see our unborn children in 3D, perform heart surgery in utereo and even purchase kits to listen to the baby's heartbeat at home. Genetic counseling is yet another one of these medical miracles that you can take advantage of. Choosing to have genetic counseling before you conceive will help you and your partner determine the risks of any abnormalities in the prospective child. Rather than being a negative experience, it helps parents better prepare for challenges that might otherwise have taken them by surprise. What would grandma think?

Should You See a Genetic Counselor?
If you're pregnant, you may already know a bit about genetic counseling. Genetic counseling takes both parents' health information into

What's Growing In Your Family Tree?
There is more to a healthy conception and pregnancy than simply eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. No matter how carefully you


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