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Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy Complications: Gestational Diabetes

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It is quite common for women to develop Gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes is a high-blood sugar condition which is caused when your body can not produce enough insulin, or even process insulin.

How will having Gestational Diabetes effect my Pregnancy?

If your gestational diabetes goes untreated, then it could effect your baby. Your baby could get very big , which could in turn result into a difficult birth, or even having to have a cesarean section. There are of course people who believe that large babies are more prone to obesity later on in life.

Obviously women who suffer from Diabetes are more likely to develop Gestational Diabetes, as well as women who are Obese.

Other factor are

  • Older women.
  • Women who suffer from High Blood pressure.
  • Women who were large babies at birth.
  • Women who have a family member that suffers from Diabetes.

How do I tell if I have Gestational Diabetes?
There usually is no warning. Most  health care providers test for Gestational Diabetes around week 24 of your pregnancy.

How is Gestational Diabetes treated?
Every situation is different. Some women are treated with diet, while others may need to take insulin shots daily, to keep it under control. Once you are tested for Gestational Diabetes, your health care professional will advice you as to how you need to be treated



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