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There is a mystique about twins, triplets and beyond that captures the fancy of almost everyone. When a couple brings their new brood home, they are often met with a great deal of help from family and neighbors. In some situations, entire communities or cities help out with support in the form of donations or gifts. As novel as it is, multiples present an entire different set of stresses for the parents and double the challenge of a singleton. If you are expecting multiples, you can anticipate a unique and perhaps even intense pregnancy. You will have double the aches, double the pains and double the joys as your little ones grow inside of you and then make their entrance. You need to learn how to take care of yourself and what to anticipate throughout all the stages of your pregnancy and childbirth. If you are well educated, you can relax and enjoy your household full of little marvels. The following articles present all you need to know about how to nurture yourself and your twins (or more) in the months to come.

Carrying Multiples Twins
So, you've gone for an ultrasound, and it shows you not one baby .....


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