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Pregnancy Complications

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In the same way that you prepare for your pregnancy by taking the right vitamins and slathering yourself in cocoa butter, so should you prepare for any pregnancy complications that might occur. A stress-free pregnancy is rare and many women experience some degree of complication whether it’s extremely painful varicose veins or placenta previa. You and your partner need to be aware of these possibilities but the secret is to gain this awareness without paranoia. Trust yourself and your obstetrician.

Pre-labor is a stressful time for both partners, especially the first trimester when the placenta is growing and attaching to the uterine walls. If you are expecting multiples, prepare yourself as all the common concerns and precautions of pregnancy are doubled or more. Following a proper diet, drinking plenty of water and getting the rest you need is essential during this period. It’s important to be completely honest with your doctor when it comes to pre existing health issues or any past medical events that might affect your pregnancy. Careful monitoring of any ailments you may experience as well as your emotional health can prevent many of the complications that happen in pre labor. For example, if you are an avid exerciser, you also need to make adjustments to your fitness routines so as not to endanger your developing fetus. If depression runs in your family or you suffered from it in the past, be sure to stay on top of your emotional health in order to ensure the well being of your fetus. Even emotions can affect the little one in your womb. Educate yourself about warning signs for complications and be sure to talk to your doctor every step of the way about any concerns you may have.

There is always the chance that your labor and delivery may be more complicated than you had planned. If you decide to do a home birth, be sure to have a qualified mid wife present so she can judge when and if you need to be transferred to a hospital. You can be assured that nurses and doctors in the hospital will carefully monitor your labor and in these times of medical advancement, there is only a small risk of extreme complications. Again, it’s important to be aware of all possibilities so that you are not taken aback by any sudden developments in your labor.

Pregnancy itself is an extremely complicated biological function so it only makes sense that there it can be risky for both mom and baby. While acknowledging this, it’s important to always look at the facts only of your situation and not to get so carried away in the ‘what ifs’ that you stop enjoying it. Although the nine months of gestation can seem long, it’s a very short time in your life and one that you may look back on with longing one day.


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