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Care for your newborn

If you have had no prior experience with babies, care for a newborn can seem like a mysterious, impossible task. Some doctors theorize that there should be a fourth trimester, as a newborn is really not prepared for the outside world. Your little baby is in essence, still a fetus. The responsibility of caring for this helpless little thing can be overwhelming. Ask any new parent about giving their baby its first bath and they'll probably detail their anxiety more than the actual event. Luckily, the compilation of information below gives you plenty of practical advice on how to care for your little bundle. After refining your skills during these first few tumultuous months, you'll soon be a newborn expert and you'll look back on your first diaper change or bath and laugh (hopefully)

Baby Vaccines
One of the best ways to protect your child is to ensure that she gets her baby vaccines at the proper times ....

Common Infant Ailments
Most of the ailments your infant may experience are relatively minor, and just a normal part of growing up...

Help for Colicky Babies
Parents of a colicky baby know the routine: every day at the same time, their baby begins to clench her fists, ...

Tricks For Treating Cradle Cap
If your baby has cradle cap, you're familiar with the small flakes that can look similar to dandruff, or the ...

Infant First Aid
Every parent hopes that he or she will never have a use for infant first aid. However, in case of an emergency ...

Infant Massage
For years, adults have enjoyed the health and mental benefits of massage. Today, many parents are learning ...

Keeping Your Baby Warm
It can be difficult to know when your baby is warm enough. She can't tell you when she needs an extra ...

Taking Steps To Lower SIDS Risk
Every parent worries about their baby and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). SIDS is a mysterious ...

The Umbilical Cord Remnant
The umbilical cord has been your baby's lifeline for nine months. Soon after he or she is born, the umbilical ...


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