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You may never fully realize the incredible abilities of the human body until you experience pregnancy, whether it’s yours or that of your partner or friend. Watching and/or experiencing the changes the body goes through as it develops another human life through all the stages of pregnancy is mind-boggling. It truly is an experience that will change you forever in both subtle and major ways.

Whether you have the time to plan your pregnancy or if you’re taken by surprise, you need to make the appropriate financial, practical and emotional preparations for it. From the point of conception onward, your unborn baby takes first priority and as a result, your health, fitness and nutrition become more important than ever. Because you will be providing your baby with crucial nutrients both in gestation and for the first few years of it’s life, it’s worth it to pursue optimal health for both of you. Even though you’d kill for a second cup of coffee or a spicy tuna roll, giving them up is just one of the new sacrifices you’ll have to make as a parent. You need to take the nine months up until the arrival of your little one to prepare yourself for the taxing but ultimately rewarding emotional and financial strain in the months ahead. Establishing good emotional support and lines of communication between you and your partner, family or friends now will go a long way to easing the transition into motherhood.

Excitement and worry go together all throughout pregnancy. One moment you’re concerned about all the possible pregnancy complications and the next you’re deciding on one of thousands of baby names. Combine this with hormones equally as numerous and you have the makings of a wondrous albeit extreme time for both partners. The best way to make your way through this intensity is to separate pregnancy myths from facts by educating yourself as much as possible. Research will be invaluable to you. From baby shower guides to the mechanics of labor and delivery, when it comes to pregnancy, knowledge truly is power. The key is to prepare yourself for possible difficulties while at the same time striving to appreciate the wonders of your pregnancy. If your experience does not go as you planned and you suffer through a miscarriage or other serious complications, remember that support for your grief and loss is just as common as hospital checklists. Seek out the advice and wisdom of women who have had similar experiences and rely on the strong network you have built for comfort.

Although it may seem like an impossible task as your body, mind and lifestyle goes through endless alterations, try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Relish the closeness and make spending a few minutes a day to appreciate what is happening inside of you as much of a priority as the rest of your preparations. Your baby will never be as easy to care for as they are when they’re growing inside and once you’re holding them in your arms, the real work begins!


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