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Birth Story #4

Birth Story #4

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Labor & Birth Stories- Read real birth stories featuring hospital births, water births, cesarean births, complicated births, and home births! Please note some birth stories are graphic!

The Best Birthday Present Ever

After nine months of waiting and years of thinking this miracle wouldn’t be possible, I felt like a reverse Cinderella. My fairytale began when the clock struck midnight. It was finally my birthday June 23, 2005, and my water had finally broken. As any pregnant woman will tell you by the time you reach the end of your pregnancy, you are READY to give birth. I relaxed expecting a long labor since this was my first child. I walked out into my kitchen, and my husband had decorated the room as a surprise for my birthday. I gazed out the skylight of my living room, and I saw the biggest full moon since the eighteen hundreds as I downed half a sports gallon of Gatorade and a granola bar. I wanted enough sustenance to last me through the stages of labors I would be stuck with just hospital ice chips. I decided to give birth in a hospital because my insurance would cover it, and I couldn’t afford a midwife or a birthing center.

Birth StoriesTwenty minutes after I ate the granola I thought Oh my, I want drugs. All the way to the hospital I told my husband I’m going to take the drugs. I had done all the research, and I planned on doing this naturally. I had taken a Bradley class and watched the Lamaze DVDs for good measure. At that point I didn’t care; I just knew there was no way I could do that for the average time span of a normal labor luckily I was further along than I thought. When we finally reached the parking lot, I had to stand and lean on the spoiler of the car next to me because I couldn’t walk. By the time I reached the delivery room I was at six-seven cm. Once I found out how far along I was I didn’t want the drugs especially since that would mean I would have had to deliver horizontally. Standing and swaying helped me cope. I have meditated for years, and I was totally ready to be in labor and relax everything but that didn’t happen. I trusted my body and not the books or my preconceived notions of how I should react. I developed a ritual of lying down for a few second in between contractions and then standing back up to sway as they peaked.

Birth StoriesMy husband, my best friend who is a man and happens to be gay, and the nurse were all coaching me through contractions. My best friend gained an appreciation for the female form that he had never had before, and my husband was amazing. He has never been good with hospitals. As the contractions got really strong I would scream at the ends of them. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to push. My husband was perfect. He just looked in my eyes, and that was all I needed. He didn’t question me when I said I wanted to take drugs, but he was totally encouraging when I decided not to. He had always been so passive, but he was truly my partner in labor when I expected to be alone. My child was crowning and he was ready to catch her since the doctor had STILL NOT SHOWN UP. There was no fear. Taking care of us was all that was important. He was a father for the first time, and he rose to the challenge. I was not following the doctor’s expected model for a first time mom and gravity was speeding my delivery right along.

The doctor finally arrived when I was one push away from meeting my daughter. Since I was in a group practice, I had made sure to visit all the doctors that could potentially deliver my child. I had visited Dr. Dickey just the week before, and I had asked him how he felt about me delivering in different positions. He said he would deliver any way I wanted short of wearing a snorkel. I thought he was funny at the time, but I was grateful he made a joke I could remember when he tried to make me lie down in the delivery room, I refused and reminded him of his promise. Doctors tend to believe that any woman once delivery begins will want drugs and follow their idea of proper procedure. I had wanted drugs, but I wanted to stand up more. I am a third year law student, and after labor my best friend said I would be one hell of a lawyer since I could negotiate even during labor. They tried to insist on giving me an episiotomy. They said I was very stretched. I said I didn’t care and told them they could not cut me, and since I only needed two stitches afterwards that proved to be a wise choice.

Birth StoriesMy daughter arrived with the help of gravity at 4:06 am while I stood holding onto the bed that I was supposed to be on top of. She is the most amazing gift I could ever imagine. I have never enjoyed my birthday until this one. I felt like all the angels in my family were smiling down on us that morning. I’m glad I was brave enough to have faith in myself to deliver my daughter the way I knew I needed to. I am grateful to all the friends and family that helped prepare and support me through my delivery. Without them I am not sure I would have been able to fight for and insist and on not following the model modern medicine lays out for pregnant women. My advice to all is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.


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