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Birth Story #2

Birth Story #2

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Labor & Birth Stories- Read real birth stories featuring hospital births, water births, cesarean births, complicated births, and home births! Please note some birth stories are graphic!

The Birth Story of Alia Mallorie

July 30, 1997
8:26 a.m.
8 pounds 15 ounces
21-1/2 inches long

Tuesday the 29th of July was spent walking all around the National Museum of Naval Aviation here in Pensacola, in hopes of getting things going. I had been having prodromal labor for 3 weeks now, and was 4 cm and 50% effaced for about a week, and I just had this feeling that if we were to walk and not stop, things would get going! So we spent the day there, came home, had dinner then went out for another walk outside. Contractions were coming about every 5 minutes, which normally would be really exciting but I had been having them like that for a long time and it didn't mean anything. I took some camomila and laid down for a nap at about 5pm, and at about 6:45pm, I woke up with a really bad cramp...During the contraction, I was talking to the baby, telling her to make it a good one because I want to see her so bad. :-) All of a sudden during the contraction I felt a "pop." Got a little nervous thinking it was my water breaking, but nothing happened so I went back to sleep. When I woke up about 15 minutes later and went to the bathroom I saw that I was spotting some light pink/orange disharge. I was SO excited! It kept coming over the next hour or so along with a little mucus so I knew I was having a "show" and losing my plug. I tried not to think "this is it" but it was hard! :-) We got take out stuffed baked potatoes for dinner, and I kept wondering if this was my last meal! Then later that night, Mom and I decide to go for yet another walk, and this time things were different! It was about 10pm when we went and every contraction I had was getting more and more painful. I had to stop and breathe through them and they were coming about every 3-4 minutes, lasting over a minute each..

I debated whether to call the hospital...Mom encouraged me to and of course that made me not want to! :-) So I decide to go do some email and chat a while. Mean time Greg had gone to bed with Fallon, not really suspecting anything since we had been through this so many nights before. I went to chat with my friends at ParentsKitchen and it was so fun! :-) I was having increasingly more painful contractions, and really starting to feel like this could really be it. Of course everyone in there was really nervous that I was sitting at home chatting instead of going to the hospital but I knew the last thing we wanted to do was get to the hospital too early. I started timing them again and they were at exactly 4 min apart lasting over a minute each, some even 2 minutes, for over an hour.

Finally at 1am I had some *really* painful contractions and they talked me into calling. I call the Labor/Delivery, tell them I think I am in labor and that we will come in about an hour. I go wake up Greg who has this look on his face like "What the__?!?!" and it takes me at least 5 minutes to get him to get up! I had him take a shower and start getting our stuff together. Meantime the contractions are getting a lot more painful, tho still about 3-4 min apart. We both get the feeling this is it now and start to get so excited!! I wake my Mom who decides to come sleep in the living room on the couch so she can answer the phone, and we agree that they will just bring Fallon in when she wakes up in the morning. I was disappointed that Fallon would miss the birth but she had had a *very* long day and was so cranky I couldn't see her getting much out of it if she had come. The drive to the hospital is only 5 minutes but Greg and I talked the whole time about what we thought the baby would look like and how excited we were that this is finally happening!! All I could think of was thank GOD that I didn't let my Dr talk me into inducing!! I was just in heaven knowing my body DID know what to do on its own and that we had a shot at the birth we wanted.

So we got to the hospital around 2am. They do an exam and tell me I am 4cm and decide to do an U/S to check the fluid levels. My OB hadn't been called yet--they wanted to make sure I was in labor first. By this time I knew I was but wanted as much time as possible so I didn't mind that they hadn't called her. I didn't like the Dr that was checking me--just didn't seem to know what he was doing--either that or I made him nervous. :) Anyway fluid level was only 15.8 where it had been 24 something the day before...but I didn't question it since anything under 18 is supposed to be normal and I was glad it wasn't anything alarming. They monitor me for about 30 min on the EFM and baby is doing *great* no decels at all, contractions are every 4-6 min lasting 1-2 min each. I am feeling them very stongly especially way down low.

Doctor decides to not call my OB yet and to let me go walking for 2 hours around the hospital, and tells me I am not technically "admitted" yet. The plan was they would check me again in 2 hours and see if I made any "progress" and go from there. It was now about 4am. The walking part was fun. :) We were the only ones on every floor we went to...just walking around and stopping every couple minutes to have a contraction or use the restroom. I felt GREAT in between them and they were painful but bearable. The trippiest part was when we found the chapel. I got to try all sorts of positions there on the kneelers and pews. :-)

At about 5:30 I decide I can't make it the whole 2 hours. The contractions gradually got a lot stronger and closer together. Some of them seemed to only have about a minute between them which really started to scare me. So we decide to head back. They do an exam and we were *blown away* to find that I was already 7 cm!!! I could have kissed the Doctor. All of a sudden everything got very *real* and we were both so jazzed!!! We knew we would be seeing our baby soon now!!

At this time the contractions started getting really intense and I was only getting a minute between them. I was getting nervous because I couldn't really relax with them so close together. We hang in there though and Dr Roman arrived about a half hour later. She checks me again, and we talk a bit about the threat of cord prolapse. There had been some concern that if my waters had broken, with the baby's head not engaged (it still wasn't) that the cord could prolapse. She tells me she is very concerned about this and wants to do something (forget what its called) where she inserts a catheter in the amniotic sac to release just a little bit of the water without breaking the bag. I agree to have this done, but I have to admit I was scared!! She described it as me having to hold my legs up high and still while she did it and all I could think of was NO WAY could I do that!! The contractions were SO painful. She also explains that they will have to wheel me into the delivery room to do this, just in case it turns into an emergency situation. This also means getting an IV which I hadn't wanted (didn't even have so much as a hep lock till this point) but I know it is necessary. Trouble is it took 4 tries and 2 blown veins to get it in right. :-/ They finally get the IV in and we go to the delivery room where my OB explains the procedure again but adds that I should be prepared for it to turn into an immediate c-section if the cord falls down as the water is released. I got really scared at that point, looked around, saw there were at least 10 people in there, all looking quite concerned, hear them talk about the anesthesiologist getting there etc. etc. It was very tense!! The Dr kept asking if I was ok and I just kept saying I just want to see my baby, I didn't care as long as she was ok. I was crying because I was worried but I knew this meant we were getting close to her. I was having bad contractions and kept telling them to wait but they kept saying no it's good to do it during a contraction (!!) so I just pictured little Alia and went with it. The Dr. took a syringe to poke a hole, but evidentally that didn't work so she then took something like a catheter and did that. But instead of it releasing a little out, the whole thing broke open and gushed (I didn't know this till just now when I asked Greg how it went!).The water was clear and he said the water gushed out about 3 feet all over the doctor and there was a slight panic as she had her hand in there making sure the cord didn't fall down. I kept asking is the baby OK??? I was frantic but everything was fine. The baby engaged right away and the coast was clear. They cleaned things up and wheeled me back to the labor room.

We labored a while longer. I really have no idea how long...I just know things got *very* intense fast after the water had been released. The baby was fully engaged and I went to 9cm in what seems like no time. The pain was incredible and I was still double peaking and getting no break in between. It was incredibly difficult to relax!! The only thing that worked was closing my eyes and deep breathing while picturing Alia's face. Somewhere at 9cm I started to get that irresistable urge to push. It was SO strong I was blown away! I had never had the urge with Fallon so this was something I had looked forward to. I was really disappointed to find I was only 9cm still, since I had been determined to not push till I was complete since I think pushing too soon contributed to the shoulder dystocia we had with Fallon. But then the Dr said I had an anterior cervical lip and that she could probably get rid of it if I pushed through a few contractions. She said my bladder was full and asked if she could insert a catheter to empty it. I thought to myself "What's a little more pain on top of all this?" and agreed. They inserted it, let it drain, then took it out. It was then that they brought me the squat bar. I had wanted to squat for delivery but by now I was in so much pain I couldn't imagine changing positions (I was sitting) but I knew squatting would make things happen faster so I did it. It only took 2 contractions to get rid of the lip, but that was not fun! The Dr had her hand up in me the whole time!

At this point I was so incredibly inwardly focused I don't think I opened my eyes the whole rest of the time. I was in severe pain but I had a mission to accomplish! :-) I remember feeling another push coming but decided to sit back down for it since the squatting was way more painful and I was feeling like I was losing control. I don't really remember what happened once that lip was gone, but next thing I knew I was REALLY burning and everyone was panicking!! The baby's head was crowning and they were yelling at me to stop pushing!! This one nurse was hee hee heeing at me to get me to pant and not push and I was just screaming "I can't stop!!"

What was going on was that because of the previous shoulder dystocia with Fallon, they wanted to be sure that when I actually delivered, it was in the delivery room, not the labor room. So I guess when they saw me crowning, they weren't ready for it. They had to unhook all the monitors and things, put the end of the bed back on and who knows what else to get ready to wheel me into the other room. I was in so much pain I couldn't believe they were doing this to me! It took *forever* to do this!! By the time we got in there though they had me feel her head and I was in HEAVEN!!!!! It was so soft and squishy and hairy!! It was an awesome feeling!! It seemed like it took forever again for them to rehook me up to everything and fix the bed back up. I remember panicking because there was no where for me to put my feet!! I was yelling at them to get me something to put my feet on! I think they couldn't find the end of the bed or something. Anyway one more contraction and I pushed the rest of her head out then another one and she was all out!! Greg says now that I wasn't actually pushing when her body came out, that the Dr helped her out but that's not how I remember it!! I remember giving a big push and out she went! :-) I asked the Dr about how it went and she said that at one point the baby started getting sucked back in and she was worried about the shoulders getting hung up but thankfully they didn't! Whew! I was SO relieved when she was out! It was an incredible feeling!! I was in heaven and kept saying to Greg "Can you believe it?!?! She's here!!!!" :-) She was GORGEOUS and looked every bit like the baby I had been picturing during my whole labor. :-) They couldn't place her on my tummy because her cord was too short and I was really disappointed! I *ached* to hold her! But they let Greg hold her after they said something like "Well unless you want us to cut the cord too soon...?!?" and I said no! He held her while they waited on the cord and then I got to cut it!!! It was so cool!!! I was so thankful she had that short cord since that is probably partly why it didn't prolapse or get around her neck with all that fluid in there.

She was born at 8:26am on Wednesday July 30th. I asked one of the nurses how long I had been pushing (since I had NO clue! I was so out of it!) and she said only 11 minutes! That was awesome!! I had pushed for 2-1/2 hours with Fallon!

I finally got to hold her and look at her good. I was just in awe!! She was beautiful, all slimy and coated in vernix and her eyes were wide open staring at me!! I immediately put her to the breast and she did so good!! She sucked so strongly for a whole 20 minutes!! I was truly in heaven!! Sometime while I was nursing her and they were stitching me up, I delivered the placenta. All intact and no problems with it or the cord. Then a nurse comes and says some family is here to see me. I was SO happy!! My Mom and Dad arrived with Fallon not 15 minutes after the baby was born. They came in while I got stitched up and went with Greg while the baby went to the nursery to get cleaned up. I don't know what happened in there but I was glad Fallon got to be a part of it.

Baby Alia weighed in at 8 pounds 15 ounces and 21-1/2 inches, had apgars of 9 and 9 and was so healthy and alert!! All I could think of was how glad I was that I didn't let my Doctor talk me into inducing!! We did it and it was incredible!! It was a *lot* more painful than Fallon's birth and I really felt like I didn't handle it as well as I could have, but given the fast and double peaking contractions I am amazed we did it at all!! Don't know how soon I will want to do it again, if ever, but I know how that new mommy amnesia works! :-)

I had some issues I needed to resolve about Fallon's birth and we were able to sort of undo all of those with Alia's. We let my body go into labor naturally, we avoided all drugs, I waited for the urge to push, I didn't have any leg cramps and stayed hydrated with Gatorade, I didn't tear half as bad (I had a Y shaped 2nd degree this time --actually Dr said it was 2 first degrees but has to count it as a 2nd--whereas I had a really bad 3rd degree with Fallon's that took 6 months to heal), and the baby's shoulders didn't get stuck. In addition, we had some other nice differences later--No jaundice and no tongue tie on Alia! My stitches are healing incredibly well and other than the immense afterpains and sore ribs, I feel GREAT!!! :-) Alia nurses wonderfully and is so incredibly alert and happy!! We are having a great time! She rarely cries and is so interested in her big sister!!

Fallon hasn't really grasped the whole thing yet--my parents have been distracting her very well! I am sure we are in for a bit of delayed reaction once they leave but I think she will do great. When we got home from the hospital, the first thing she did when she was alone with me and the baby was tickle her little feet, then take Alia's hand and say "Hi! My name is Fallon! I'm your big sister!" :-) I really wanted her to be at the birth, but looking back I am glad she wasn't. It was very stressful and intense at several moments and I am not sure how she would have handled that--not to mention my parents!! :-)

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes!! We are so happy to finally have our precious baby in our arms!!! :-)


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