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Labor and Delivery

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Ask any woman expecting her first child and she will probably tell you she’s a little if not extremely nervous about her labor and delivery. A woman expecting her second or more will probably tell you the same. Giving birth is one of the most intense experiences a human being can have and like pregnancy, every woman’s story is different. In fact, if you get mothers in a group they’ll eventually start swapping birth stories like old veterans at a legion. It’s hard not to be nervous about bringing your child into the world but like all aspects of pregnancy, readying yourself for it by knowing what to expect is essential.

Preparing for labor is important for a pregnant woman’s peace of mind. There are many ways to do so, from breathing techniques to hypnosis. Some women may be comforted by aromatherapy and others by massage but whatever you chose, be sure to spend a lot of time practicing your technique before you are in the delivery room. Your mind needs to learn to make the association between the activities and relaxation so that they become automatic on the day. Choose something that you know works for you and that feels right at the time.

When you develop your birth plan, you’ll probably want to consider your labor support. Remember that you are ‘the master’ of your birth experience to the extent that you choose whom you want to be with you when your baby is born. The child birth method you choose in your birth plan may not be what is used due to any complications or a last minute change of heart but you are in control of who you have with you and the relaxation techniques you and your ‘coach’ employ. Many times nature simply takes over when it comes to delivery and keeping that in mind while doing what you can to feel empowered is the best strategy.

Many women will tell you that nothing compares to the feeling when your baby is finally born. Having the opportunity to look into the eyes of the little one that has been growing inside of you can quickly ease any trauma or pain. It is a rush unlike any other and nature’s own potent painkiller.


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