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Nutrition considerations

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Pickles and ice cream. Horseradish and potato salad. Chocolate and bacon. These odd food combinations are just some of the examples of what pregnant women crave throughout their gestation period. The rampant hormones in a woman's body can cause extreme hankerings for any number of strange foods just as it can cause intense aversions. It's important to develop a working knowledge of nutrition during pregnancy to be sure your little one is getting what it needs to develop properly. By reading the articles below, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to best feed your body and baby in the coming months.

Eating For Two
We've all heard the old saying She's eating for two now. However...

Why Eating Right is so Important
When you're pregnant, it's essential that you're getting the right vitamins ...

The Pregnant Vegetarian
If you've chosen a vegetarian diet for your pregnancy, there are some ...

Preventing Neural Tube Defects
You can decrease the odds that your children will be born with a neural ...

Your Vitamin Needs
Vitamins are especially important during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins will ...


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