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Pregnancy Support Hose

Pregnancy Support Hose

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When a woman is expecting, there are so many changes that her body goes through. The appearance or worsening of existing varicose veins is a common pregnancy complaint, so what can be done to prevent these unsightly veins from popping up?

Varicose veins are veins that have become swollen, and they cause purple bulges near the skin's surface. When you're pregnant, even standing up puts a lot of weight on your legs, and the decrease in blood pressure and heart output means varicose veins can soon begin to form. Also, the strain on your limbs' circulation from weight gain leads to both swollen ankles and varicose veins. When varicose veins form, you can even experience symptoms such as throbbing, itching or burning in the area.

As the uterus is growing, it is pushing against a large vein located on the right side of the body. The pressure on leg veins also increases. When you're pregnant your body has more blood, and the walls of your blood vessels relax due to the progesterone in your body. As the pushing on this vein increases, varicose veins become apparent.

Pregnancy support hose sometimes called graduated compression stockings - helps keep the blood circulating in your legs as it moves to your heart. These stockings are prescription strength, and you can get them online or from your local pharmacy. The support hose is about twice as thick as everyday pantyhose, and is tight at the ankle and loosens as it goes up your leg.

You should definitely use pregnancy support hose if you plan on flying or sitting for an extended period of time. The risks of getting a blood clot are significantly lower with the use of pregnancy support hose, and you'll also help prevent varicose veins.

Put your support hose on in the morning when you wake up the easiest way to get them on is to lie on your back to avoid blood pooling in your legs and to alleviate the discomfort of a larger stomach that makes bending over hard!

Many online stores and medical supply stores offer stylish pregnancy support hose, so you can be fashionable while preventing varicose veins. With the regular use of pregnancy support hose, you can limit the amount of damage that varicose veins will cause to your legs and ankles.


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