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Exercise During The First Trimester

Exercise During The First Trimester

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A good exercise routine during your pregnancy can provide you with many benefits: it may minimize morning sickness and fatigue, regulate sleep patterns, and even mean a shorter labor. Exercise during pregnancy will keep both your body and mind healthy by toning your muscles and reducing stress.
Your first trimester can be stressful. You have just found out you are pregnant, and are trying to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. How will you prepare for baby? Will you still work after the birth of your child? Questions like these can be overwhelming for moms-to-be, and exercise can make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Your baby can also reap the benefits of your exercise program. Studies have shown that babies whose mothers exercised during pregnancy are better able to tolerate stress, and are leaner in childhood. It may even mean better neurological functioning in children, as some research has suggested.

Before you start any fitness routine, discuss it with your doctor. You should be exercising three or four times each week in your first trimester. Base your activities on your fitness level before you became pregnant: if you were an avid swimmer, you can probably keep up that same level of exercise. However, if you rarely exercised, now is not the time to sign up for a half marathon. You will have to modify your exercise routine in your second and third trimester, as your baby grows bigger, but in your first trimester you can do most of the same exercises that you did pre-pregnancy.

While it is safe to do many of the same exercises you enjoyed before pregnancy, you do need to avoid certain activities. You should stay away from contact sports, and make sure there is no jumping or bouncing in your fitness routine. Always warm up before you begin exercising, and don't overdo it when you're working out. During pregnancy, your body releases hormones that make your joints more flexible, but you can easily injure yourself by pushing muscles too far. Drink plenty of water before, during and following any pregnancy workout.

You need to pay close attention to your body when you're exercising in your first trimester. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or ill, or if you see spots. In addition, vaginal bleeding or leaking needs to be treated right away, so call your health care provider if you experience either of these symptoms. Your doctor can also tell you what to watch out for while exercising during your pregnancy.


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