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Grief and Loss

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No one should have to suffer the loss of a child. It's a tragedy that affects everyone involved but particularly the parents. Although society puts a great deal of pressure on parents to recover from this loss quickly, it can take up to two years just for the intense feelings of grief and loss to dissipate even a small amount. Although the memory of your little one will always be with you in some form or another, respect the depth of your sadness and allow yourself the time you need to recover.

Miscarriage and loss of an infant brings intense sorrow to the mother and father. Every one grieves differently and allowing yourself the freedom to express the multitude of emotions you are experiencing is paramount to the healing process. Allow your partner the same liberty. It's crucial during this time to have someone to rely on and if you are not getting what you need from friends or family, there are many excellent support groups or even books that can give you comfort. However tempting it may be, isolating yourself for a long period of time is not considered healthy grieving. You owe it to yourself to get enough exercise, food and sleep in order to function properly, This can be no easy feat when you are suffering, but having someone you trust there to remind you to care for yourself can make a big difference.

There is often a lot of pressure after the passing of a baby for the parents to begin trying again. This is something that is up to you and no one else to decide. Don't make any hasty decisions based on your sorrow or on the insensitive comments of others. Allow yourself time to remember your little one's life and to come through your grief a stronger person. Listen to your heart and be confident knowing that whenever you and your partner decide will be the exact right time for you.

The countless emotions you might experience throughout your grieving can be very intense. These are all perfectly normal. The only thing you must remember to do is to allow yourself to experience them. Don't hesitate to get help from friends and qualified professionals during this time and to endeavor to care for yourself as best you can.


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