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Organize Your Home For Pregnancy

Organize Your Home For Pregnancy

Your home should be organized for baby before he or she arrives. If your living area is too small, you'll need to move to a larger home, or get creative with space-saving items that will keep things neat. Ideally, you should get your home ready for your baby's arrival during your second trimester, to make things as stress free as possible during the later months of your pregnancy.

If your baby will be sleeping in your room for the first few months, the bassinet should be set up at this time. Your baby will also need a crib with a good quality mattress to sleep on. You'll likely receive a lot of newborn clothing as gifts, and have probably purchased other apparel, cleaning cloths, diapers and blankets. You will also need diaper creams, petroleum jelly, baby powder, and other supplies for taking care of your infant, and these will need to be stored somewhere. A dresser that doubles as a changing table is a great way to save room and keep the nursery organized. You can even find baby changing tables that will convert into a desk for when your child is older.

The trick is to have everything you'll need for your baby's first few weeks of life before you head to the hospital for the birth. You'll have very little time to run to the store or organize baby items once your little one is born, so buy any formula, baby soap and diapers you'll need to last you for two to three weeks.

Baby-proofing the home is necessary to keep your child safe. Although your baby won't be crawling or walking for months, if you do it now you won't need to worry about trying to baby-proof the house while caring for an infant. Put all sharp objects out of reach, and lock up cleaning supplies. Set up baby gates in front of stairs and anywhere else that baby shouldn't go.

If you plan on painting or wallpapering the nursery, you should do so before you get pregnant, or have your partner or friends help out while you're out of the home. Pregnant women shouldn't be exposed to paint fumes or wallpaper glue.
Check with your physician before you do any work around the home, but in most cases, cleaning and preparing for baby is an enjoyable way to stay active for many pregnant women.




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