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Positive Self Image In The Child Bearing Year

Positive Self Image In The Child Bearing Year

When you become pregnant, your life changes completely including your body! For many women, pregnancy weight can contribute to a negative self image. Others feel very positively about their new figure, and aren't bothered by gaining weight or swelling in later pregnancy.

Some women feel depressed or angry as they think they are losing control of everything from their body shape to their emotions. Although you can avoid gaining excessive weight while pregnant by eating healthy, you will gain 25 to 35 pounds. Stretch marks and varicose veins can appear, and mood swings often persist throughout pregnancy.

It is entirely normal to have some self-image issues when pregnant. It's hard to feel positive when you're running to the bathroom every two minutes to either pee or throw up! A lot of women have a more positive outlook during the second trimester, when they are feeling better emotionally and physically. During this time the baby begins to move, which leaves moms-to-be with a sense of awe. When you enter your third trimester, you may again feel moody and depressed as room in your uterus runs out, and you have trouble sleeping. Again, it's normal to feel edgy and irritable, along with a sense of wanting the pregnancy over and done with.

So, how can you help your self image stay positive all through your pregnancy? When you're feeling ugly or huge, a loving comment from your spouse or close friend can make a world of difference. Surround yourself with positive people, and be open and honest about what you're feeling.

Remember that it's only temporary. Nine months of pregnancy can start to feel like a lifetime towards your last weeks, but keep in mind that soon your baby will be here! You will lose the pregnancy weight with diet and exercise, and annoying symptoms like pregnancy mask or heartburn will be a thing of the past. Try to keep positive splurge on a new maternity outfit or take a long, hot bath at the end of a busy day.

Remind yourself that every pregnancy is different. Just because your sister only gained 20 pounds and never had a day of morning sickness doesn't mean there is something wrong with you for experiencing different symptoms. Women feel pressure not only to stay in shape, but to measure up to celebrity moms or to be the perfect wife and mother. Don't fall into the trap of feeling inadequate because your hormones are raging, or you're feeling less-then-perky in the mornings. Focus on spending time with caring people, and try to embrace your pregnancy for what it it: a new life joining the world!


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