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Financial, Practical and Emotional Considerations

The media can be very deceiving. In movies and television, when a couple decides to have a baby the process is often a mysterious one, full of tears, excitement and tiny knitted booties. The reality is often much more prosaic. Besides suddenly feeling entitled to look in baby shops, there are financial, practical and emotional preparations to make on the way.

Relationships are greatly affected by the arrival of a child. Not only will you and your partner undergo drastic shifts in dynamic, but you will also see changes in your family and friends. It's best to sit down with your partner and have a frank discussion about what you can expect. If you can, talk to other couples that have already had children and ask them what they went through as they moved away from being lovers to being parents. Be prepared for some turmoil. Having these conversations (there will probably be more than one) may bring up difficult questions. Are you ready to have a baby? Are you mature and prepared for the considerable sacrifices? Do you need to work on yourself and your relationship a bit more? These are not easy conversations to have by any means, but they are best to have now than when your little one is already on the way.

When you start to dreamily walk through baby stores or shop on line, you may also be shocked at the prices of some of the indispensable baby items. Designer strollers can cost more than one thousand dollars and a good diaper bag can cost as much as a status handbag. Beyond emotional costs, having a baby means dealing with some serious financial considerations. Of course there are always ways to raise your child on a budget and there is no need to insist your little one be dressed in designer onesies. But once again, more discussions are warranted. It's not cheap to raise a child and once again, some lifestyle changes will be necessary for both of you.

Practical can certainly be dull but as it is with any major decision, it's best to clear away dreamy notions and be realistic in order to prepare properly. You'll have no time to be disillusioned once your baby comes home. The first year with your baby may very well be a whirlwind and you need to be sure that all your commonplace issues are taken care of so you can relax and enjoy this brief but wonderful time.


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