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What He Can Do To Help While You're Pregnant

What He Can Do To Help While You're Pregnant

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Being pregnant is an exciting time for both you and your partner, but it can also be stressful. Not only are you experiencing the changes to your body and mood that pregnancy brings, but you and your partner are trying to plan for the birth financially, as well as pay attention to your relationship as a couple. Your partner can help you a great deal both physically and emotionally as you prepare for your baby to be born.

First, don't be afraid to ask for assistance. It can be hard to admit that you can't carry something or want him to rub your aching feet. While it would be nice if he would just know what you need, he will sometimes have to hear it from you. Discuss what each person expects from the other at the beginning of the pregnancy, and reach a compromise that suits both of you. If you have been doing 100 percent of the housework up until your pregnancy, he may have no idea of what needs to be done around the home. Your partner may also be feeling overwhelmed or concerned about the pregnancy, but may not want to worry you. Let him know how he can help, and communicate how you are feeling to each other, at each point of your pregnancy.

Get him involved with your pregnancy, including coming with you to doctor's visits and childbirth classes. Having your partner there while you hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time, or learn proper breathing techniques for birth is essential, so let him know how important it is to you that he is there.

Part of pregnancy is the mood swings, food cravings and emotional stress that you can feel at various times. He can show his support in a number of ways: by holding your hand while you vent about your weight gain, driving to the store at midnight to get you ice cream, and just being a good communicator and listener when you need him.

He can be supportive by watching his own diet, exercise and lifestyle as well. If he smokes or drinks alcohol he should stop while you're pregnant, or at least avoid having a beer or a cigarette when you're around. If you are starting a prenatal fitness routine, having him come along for a walk in the evening can be a great bonding experience and get him healthy too!


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