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Breaking The News To Your Employer

Breaking The News To Your Employer

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It can be difficult to decide on exactly the right way to tell your employer that you are pregnant. Most women choose to wait until they are past the three month mark of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage decreases.

Before you tell your employer that you are expecting, look into their employee health plan on your own. Find out what benefits you are entitled to, and how long you will receive for maternity leave. Call the Department of Labor and inquire about your eligibility for benefits. You are entitled to certain rights as a pregnant employee, so be aware of these prior to arranging a meeting with your boss.

If you can, try and come up with some solutions to your absence for your employer. Think of how long you intend to be off work, resources you can leave for a replacement and even potential candidates for your job. Remember that circumstances can change, and you may need to take more time off than anticipated, or find that you don't want to return to work after all. You don't need to mention these what-ifs to your employer right now, but make sure you stress that your plans could change.

Be smart about telling your boss. Don't mislead your supervisor, but keep mum if you have a salary review or performance evaluation in the near future. If you are working on a major project, wait until it's finished to announce your news. That way, you'll show your boss that you are committed to your job, even if you will be taking a maternity leave. Wait until your boss is in the right frame of mind to share your news, as a stressful day or personal problem could result in a negative reaction that will make both you and your manager feel bad.

If you don't think your boss will be happy about your news, don't let it get you down. This is your time, and as an employee you have many rights during your pregnancy and after your baby's birth. Your boss may be concerned about what your leaving means for the company, or be annoyed if you were recently hired on. However, stand your ground and don't let your boss talk you into staying for longer than you intended, or feel guilty about needing time off for an appointment or sick day.


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