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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Congratulations on your pregnancy! With this being such an exciting time in a woman's life, who wants to wait to find out their baby's due date?

Find out your due date now using our free pregnancy due date calculator to get an estimated date of conception and due date for your new baby! No need to wait! Use our due date calculator right now! Remember your medical professional may modify or change your due date based on their findings and date of conception.

Our due date calculator is a fun pregnancy tool to help you get an idea of your due date before you get to the doctor!

Due Date Calculator

When was the first day of your last menstrual period?

Number of days in your menstrual cycle
Likely conception date:
End of first trimester (12 weeks):
End of second trimester (27 weeks):
Your due date (40 weeks):

Well what do you think about your new pregnancy due date? Are you excited yet?

Congrats on your pregnancy and your new journey to motherhood! Just remember 9 months may seem far away and a long time to be pregnant, but you will be at your due date before you know it!


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