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Postpartum Emotional Concerns

Every woman will experience some kind of emotional difficulties in the first two weeks after her baby is born. The rate at which a woman’s hormones return to their regular levels after delivery is incredible. It’s only natural that she experiences some degree of instability. The way that this manifests itself will vary depending if you have any predilection to mental illness in the past. For example, women who have suffered from depression prior to pregnancy may feel it more during post partum than women who have had no prior history. Like your physical health after pregnancy, you must take responsibility for your emotional well-being. These articles will familiarize you with the various symptoms many women experience after giving birth and help you to understand when these feelings stop being ‘normal’ and start to become something much more serious. Seventy percent of women experience some form of post partum depression and becoming aware of it before giving birth will help you, your partner and your family to prepare to treat what can be a debilitating illness.

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