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Four New Mom Must-Haves

Expert Gives Tips to Save Time and Energy as a New Mom

(ARA) - Pregnancy and childbearing can seem exhausting enough for a new mom – but those first few months with a newborn at home can bring new meaning to the words sleep-deprived. This particular issue can cause more stress than any other part of being a new parent.
“Being a new mom is one of the most physically draining experiences in a lifetime,” says Dr. Blake Ofobike, an ob-gyn in San Antonio, Texas. “Having the best products at your disposal can save your energy and increase your comfort when you need it most.”

Ofobike recommends the following four must-haves for new moms:

1. Nursing Pillow. Nursing pillows are typically u-shaped soft pillows that not only provide a gentle resting place for babies, but also an ergonomically correct back-support for moms. There are several popular brands on the market. However, Ofobike encourages that new moms do their research to assure their nursing pillow is safe and comfortable for both baby and mom.

2. Gripe Water. Gripe water is an old-world formula used successfully for centuries to bring relief to colicky and teething babies – and their parents. Typically comprised of a blend of herbs known to soothe stomach pains, gripe water is gentle and effective – if the right brand is used. Ofobike recommends a gripe water that contains no alcohol, chemical preservatives, harsh additives, artificial colors/flavors or Petroleum-based products. Wellements’ Gripe Water is one of the very few on the market that meets these standards.

“Having a colicky baby can be very stressful, frustrating and challenging for any parent, particularly if it is the first child,” Ofobike says. “It's important for parents or caregivers to have a break from this stress. Wellements’ Gripe Water gives parents a safe choice for relieving their child’s digestive ailments, lessening crying and encouraging sleep.”

3. Bedtime Music. A great relaxant for both mom and baby, playing a CD containing soothing music can aid in more sound sleep. If played regularly, your baby may even associate these sounds with sleep – enabling him or her to fall asleep faster. There are several options available today and many of them are equally as effective. What is most important is that the music or sounds are soft, soothing and run for at least 45 minutes.

4. White Noise. While some babies can sleep through barking dogs, doorbells and telephones ringing, there are others that are more restless sleepers. Create white noise in the room that will drown out other distractions. Fans, humidifiers and actual white noise machines can all be effective devices. What is most important is that they are able to run throughout the night without a shut-off mechanism.

“If your baby isn’t sleeping, chances are you aren’t either,” says Ofobike. “Investing in quality products to soothe and comfort your baby will pay off for both of you.”


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