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Story #1

Story #1

Hi my name is Tabatha Hendrix and I have a son Jaxson who is now 5 months old. I had to have a c-section with Jaxson and didn't get to bond with him right away because I was in recovery. The nurses supplemented him with formula until I was able to move around a little. The first time we tried it was a success! He latched on perfectly and went to town. He was able to switch from breast to bottle wonderfully and I loved it. I will never forget those first 2 weeks of breastfeeding. Sore nipples, cracking, burning, and leaking was the absolute worse! But I stuck in there.

After about 2 months I noticed that he was starting to want to feed more and more. So I chatted with my doctor and he told me that he was having a growth spurt and for me to get into bed with him for 2 days and do nothing but breastfeed. This is so that my milk supply would increase with his growth spurt. So I did just that. Jaxson and I laid in bed for 2 whole days. After 2 more weeks of him doing the same thing I became a little worried and went to the doctors again. He told me that my milk supply was not increasing and at that moment my heart sunk. I was so disappointed here I was feeling like I was less of a woman because of the c-section and this on top of it was just making it worse. I decided to give it one more week before I completely gave up. So after that week I decided to start him on formula. As a mother I felt that was the best decision for me. I really wish I could still breastfeed but God works in mysterious ways.
The moral of this story, Don't give up so soon. Stick it out the longest you can. The sore nipples, leaking and cracking will eventually get better. I wish everyone who is trying to breastfeed good luck, in IS hard and it does take TIME but it is the best decision you can ever make for your baby. Breastfeeding prevents against ear infections and helps fight obesity in children.
Tabatha Hendrix

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